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Training Journal 2-21-12

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Great workout today! 

Before going to the gym 

Double KB Military Press 4x4 (88lb bells) I am cycling the practice sets to avoid burning out. Several weeks ago I started with practice sets of three through out the day and worked up to sets of seven over the course of five weeks. This week I am cycling back to four reps and will work up to sets of eight and then move up to 97lb bells and start with sets of two. Really working on fixating the lockout on each rep behind the head rather than locking out in front of the face as I have done in the past. 


Barbell Deadlift 1x1x225, 1x1x315, 1x1x405, 1x1x455, 1x1x510 (new PR and this one felt way easier than my last PR of 505 at the end of December, 2011. No sticking point and smooth sailing from start to finish. I feel good for 515-520 right now but will take my time. Goal is 550 by June. 

Barbell Bench Press 1x3x135, 1x3x225, 1x3x275, 1x1x315, 3x1x350lbs. 

Neutral Grip Pull-ups 3x6 

One-arm KB Swing 2x60 (55lb bell) 

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