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Training Journal 11-25-2011

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Barbell Back Squat 1x5x135, 1x5x225 1x5x275, 4x3x315, 1x5x315 (Knees feel good so I am going to keep adding 10lbs every week)
Barbell Floor Press 1x3x135, 1x3x225, 1x3x275, 1x2x300, 1x1x305 (Going to start doing this once a week for a while and then on another day do light bench press for speed westside style!)

Dumbbell Iron Cross 1x5x25s, 1x5x30s, 1x5x35s, 1x5x40s (great exercise for the shoulders)

Straps lat Pulldown 1x5x180, 1x5x200, 1x5x220

Hammer Strength Iso Squat Machine 1x5x235, 1x5x415, 1x5x505

Plate Push-pulls 3x15 (45lbs)

Dragon Flags 1x7, 1x5, 1x4

Practice sets through out the day

Weighted pull-ups 3x3 (25lbs)

TNT Cable Military press 3x3 (2 green, 1 purple cable)

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