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Training Journal - 7-6-2010

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Great workout today! I had three days off and really rested up this past weekend. Today we focused on upper body pressing and posterior chain work.

I arrived a few minutes early and did some KB pressing and clubbell work to get ready.

Double KB Military Press 2x5x62s, 1x12x80s
Double Clubbell Shoulder Cast 2x10x25s

Then we did the following:

Medicine Ball Throws (30lbs) 3x12 (I get in the floor press position and Mark drops a 30lb ball. I catch it and push it back up to him)

Thick Barbell Floor Press 1x3x170lbs, 1x3x260lbs, 1x3x280lbs, 1x3x290lbs, 1x10x240lbs
In between each set: One-arm Kettlebell Deadlift (62lb bell) 3x10 each side

Alternating Incline Dumbbell Press 1x5x70s,1x5x80s, 1x5x90s, 1x100s each side
Glute-Ham Raise 1x10, 1x12, 1x20, 1x8x30lb dumbbell

Weighted Dips 1x10x80lbs, 1x10x88lbs, 1x10x97lbs, 1x8x97lbs
Alternating Dumbbell Upright Row 3x8 each side (70s)

Core Circuit:

Standing Cable Rotations 3x8 each side and pushes forward (50lbs)
Hanging Leg Raise 3x12
Suspension Push Outs 3x10 (similar to ab wheel roll out)

Wrapped up with some KB Snatch work:

2x10x80 each side 1x12x88 each side

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