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Personalized Program Design

Generic programs will not provide the results that you are looking for! You are a unique individual and your training programs needs to be tailored to you. This is why my programs work!

Aggressive Strength Personalized Program Design Information

"When I started with you six months ago, I could just barely squeak out 3 good pull ups.  This morning I did 12.  Six months ago, my waistline measured 37 inches.  This morning it is 30 inches.  I can no longer wear any of the clothes that I did six months ago.  I am also able to deadlift 300lbs for 3 reps. When I started with you, my total Testosterone was 192 and free was 40.7.  In July, total was 481 and free was 78.9."

--Tom Wyskida

"Hi Mike,

Today is Day 1 after completing the 12-week training and nutrition program. The changes have been pretty dramatic. I think the numbers speak for themselves:

Weight, Before: 191; After: 160

Waist, Before: 40; After: 32

Blood pressure, Before: 130 / 90, After: 108 / 74

Basically, I'm a significantly lean, calmer, happier and more energetic person at this point. And of course, there have been some big strength and flexibility gains as well. When I started your program, just doing the joint mobility routine felt like a workout in and of itself. Now that is simply a way to loosen up and get some added energy. 12 weeks ago I had trouble doing basic kettlebell exercises like the double swing, clean and press, bent-over row, etc. with anything beyond minimal weight. Now I can do one-arm swings, bent-over rows and push presses with 35 and 44 pound kettlebells. So it hasn't just been weight loss, it's been a real increase in my strength and energy levels.

Most importantly, you've provided me with a training and nutrition program that is not hard to do (I'm a busy guy with a full-time career and two small children) and fits easily into my schedule. My training lasts about 45 - 60 minutes 3x / week. My nutrition program is really easy to maintain and for the first time in my adult life, via implementing the nutrition practices you've helped me develop, I've literally lost the cravings for junk food and sugar that used to dominate my eating habits. So, that alone has been worth the price of the training.

In short, thank you for helping me reinvent myself. - John C."

"I signed up for the 3 month personalized training program. I couldn't be happier with the results. I considered myself fit, worked out 4 to 6 times a week, but found myself in a rut of traditional workout splits. While there is never a bad workout, the results weren't parallel with the effort I was putting in. As I was building out my home gym, I got some KettleBells and was turned on to Mike's work via word of mouth. After a few months of training with his DVD's, I found he had openings for the 3 month program and signed

This is when I was turned onto the “Five Pillars.” I got the first week of workouts and was stunned over how little Mike was having me do compared to my traditional gym workout. But don\'t be fooled. Mike's workouts were efficient and the weights and reps were perfectly tuned to my fitness state at that time. Fast forward 3 months and the results are unmatched in my fitness past. 

In terms of pure strength, I've moved up my work sets two full KB's. I lost a few inches around the waist. I'm a hard gainer, but physically, my arms, shoulders, back, triceps and chest have never been thicker. Very importantly, my non-existent legs are filled out and my missing calves are bulging. My “weekend warrior” sports like golf, basketball and softball registered off the charts increase in power, strength and cardiovascular endurance as well as flexibility. I travel frequently, and Mike made sure to include “on the road workouts.” I use a TRX for when I travel and don\'t have access to a gym and he advised me on mimicking the “Five Pillars” with the TRX to continue improvement.

Bottom line, if you're looking to get out of your rut, work out hard, charge up your workouts and see results then this is the program for you. The value I received from this will resonate for years as I continue to apply the lessons I learned from this 3 months for the rest of my fitness journey. Thanks Mike."

-- Jeff Crosby

To Anyone Considering Mike's Online Coaching Program:

I signed-up for the 6-month Program in September 2009, and told Mike to focus on Vegan Nutrition and Muscle-Building workouts. I loved meat, but doctor told me my cholesterol was high despite losing over 30 lbs. Plus, I was skeptical about vegan body-building. My claimed to be an expert in this area, and offered my money back if it failed to produce results. So, going vegan during Mike's program seemed like a low-risk & high-reward approach. Initially struggled with vegan nutrition, but by the first month into the program my cholesterol dropped 30 points (per blood-test results) and I comfortably fit into my High School jeans! Keep in mind that I had followed Steve Cotter's DVDs to shed nearly 35 lbs with the 24kg KB before hiring Mike.

After completing the 1st 3-month period, I was using 32-kg KBs -- something I never thought possible. More surprising, all muscle built on a vegan diet! Hence, I shed 10 lbs of Fat and gained 5 lbs of Lean Muscle -- with BF below 10% (for first time in my life). During the 2nd 3-month period, Mike had me doing Volume workouts with both 32-kg KBs. Honestly, I originally thought Mike probably made a mistake somewhere. Apparently he knew what he was doing because by the end of the program my waist remained around 32" and tights measured 23.5" each! Bottom line, my results only reversed the skepticism I had prior to taking on Mike's online coaching service. Always seek coaching if you are committed to improve (sure, Mike coaching is expensive, but my results because of his coaching are enough proof for me to hire him again).
-- Federico Tewes

"Thanks Mike Mahler - Seriously when you had me doing 640 squats a workout and tons of core I wanted to deck you. However, I was telling Nazo - Mike Mahler knows his sh*t - I lost 15% BF and got stronger then ever - based on your training, even though I couldn't use my arm for 6 months. In reality I lost some upper body strength but like you said; it is coming back - you kept me prepped for when I could use the arm. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Thank You Mike :)"--Heidi Toy

"This opportunity gives me the chance to thank you for the tremendous results that I had during the time that you were coaching me (1.5 years). Although I had years of experience in the martial arts I was new to grappling. Nevertheless when I started to train at Pancration and submission grappling I had great success in a very short time. The reason was superior physical conditioning. To my surprise I managed to win against guys that were 10 to 15 years younger than me with greater experience in grappling, simply because I was moving faster, being stronger and lasting longer. Results speak for themselves. A million thanks."--Antonis Kaniaros

"I have found following your program, I have stepped out of my comfort zone. Prior to this I was following your KB fat loss plan from the DVD & accompanying workbook...but I was not pushing myself with heavier weights that I could obviously handle. Also, I think with being accountable to someone, you get it all done, no matter what. No matter if your heart is pounding out of your chest, or your arm or shoulder feels like get it done. Plus I like the challenge, there is no way that I am NOT going to do something."--Renee Yorkievitz

"Just wanted to let you know that today I did front squats with 2x40kg bells and I am chuffed to bits. I spent a lot of last year trying for this goal and if I am honest with myself, not making much progress. After only a month spent with you and your personalized program service I have achieved one of my goals. 3 sets of 3 ended up being; 1stx1, 2nd and 3rd sets both 2 reps. Your service and professionalism are in keeping with every other product I have had from you. Your supplement recommendations have been spot on and I cant recommend you highly enough. I will continue working hard and have no doubt when I come to the end of the 3 months I'll jump straight back on with you for another."--Andy Wiles

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you put into my program. In all my years of working out and trying different things I have to say that hands down your program is the best i ever tried. It's not only a workout program, it's a whole lifestyle change. you've managed to put me on the right track and keep me there. I am so much more aware of what I am eating, the actual workouts and how stress was playing a major part in my life and how to deal with it on a better level. Thanks again mike, you are great at what you do and I'm sure there are hundreds of more people that appreciate you very much!"--Tammy Highmore

"Mike I wanted to thank you for the Nutrition Program you put together for me and let you know how it is working out. In one month I have lost a solid 10 lbs going from 216 to 206. What is more important is that I have GAINED strength during this process, and I have lost two inches in my waist! I believe this was because the program you designed for me was custom tailored to my body, i.e. the type of fuel that I run best on. I also enjoy knowing that not only should I eat my favorite foods but I HAVE to do it in order to keep everything balanced. As with all of your products, your services are top notch. I would highly encourage those who need guidance with their nutrition to have you put together a custom based program tailored to their individual needs. Of course they can always throw caution to the wind like I did and get overloaded with the sheer volume of what passes as good nutritional advice these days. I will continue to let you know how it goes! Thanks Again!"--Josh Belser

"I have enjoyed this program immensely. Thank You for passing on the knowledge you have gathered to me. I think back through the last six months:

  • Pull ups went from a 3 rep max to a 10 rep max
  • Double KB Squat with 70s went from 5 reps to 10 reps
  • Barbell Deadlift went from work sets with 240lbs to work sets with 345lbs!
  • Double KB Presses with the 70s went from singles to sets of ten reps
  • Windmills nada to 3 sets of 4 reps
  • Push ups went from a max of 20 to 45 (5 away from my goal)
  • No lats to actually having some that show.
  • Flexibility that is off the charts compared to where I started.
  • A simple program that I can do anywhere

Anyway, thanks a ton. I'll drop you a line periodically to let you know how things are going and I will make sure I stay current on your site. I'm excited to share what I have learned with anyone who is interested. Thanks again!"

--Ron Priestly

"I wanted to let you know how much success I had while on your program. I continued in a maintenance phase while deployed. I arrived back today and was told that I needed to perform a PT (physical training) test. A PT test in the army consists of pushups, sit-ups, and a two mile run. On my last PT test I preformed 41 pushups in two minutes, this time I did 60. As for sit-ups 50 last time, 72 this time. However most surprising to me was the run, my last two mile time was 16:20, this time it was 14:20. I did not expect to make that much improvement with out ever running. Thank you again for all your help."--SGT Tell M Hunting

"My vascularity is pretty insane now, I don't think I've ever been this vascular before. I can see veins in my biceps and especially forearms, and even my quads."--Derek Barrett

"Thank you for an amazing 6 month program. The RKC last weekend was grueling but fun and because of the help you have given me I made it through no problem. This was my goal and you helped me make it happen. Your program is no B.S. it's the real deal. I have met with some of my old colleagues that I have not seen in quite some time and all they can say is that I look the best I ever have. I' m now 44 years old and I feel great. Forget about NutriSystem, forget about Bowflex This is an investment that really works and you helped me all the way with patience and confidence."

--Mike Sanders, RKC Newton, N.J.

"I have to say this program really kicks ass. Everyone I know has noticed a difference in how much leaner I look already, and it has just been two and a half weeks (out of a 6-month program!) I am noticeably stronger (the girlfriend loves it;) Needless to say, I can tell you that I look forward to every work out, and I will be purchasing another six month program when this one is done. Thank you."

And five months later.......

"I want to say THANK YOU in a huge way. This past weekend was the RKC, and thanks to your program I am officially Mike Provost, RKC!!! Not only did I ace it, I took third place (majority of the audience thought it should have been first, but it was fun so it’s cool;) in the technique competition, but I blasted through the snatch test and every workout they threw at me. The heavy Kettlebell work translated to the light bell work perfectly, and the workouts, while certainly challenging, never made me tired for more than 30 seconds to a minute afterward. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- Mike Provost, Reno, NV

"I have had kettlebells for about 3 1/2 years. And all of that time I thought I was seriously training. I mean I have several videos and books. I saw the program on Mike's website and wondered if the other testimonials were hype or if they were the real thing. I mean what type of workout would/could he put me on that would give me " RESULTS" ? Well, I'm hear to tell you that every, and I mean every workout was a challenge. Within two to three weeks, I noticed a vast improvement in my endurance. Slowly but surely my pants began to get baggy and other people started commenting on how I appeared to be losing weight. Two weeks more and I started to see my old friends " my abs " again. The comments continued. The thing is that the scale didn’t change, but I burned bodyfat and put on some hard functional muscle. Functional because I went from barely being able to strictly military press the 88 with my stronger arm to being able to press it 7- 8 times with my weaker arm after a workout. I went on to press the 106. I don’t say this to brag, I say this because had it not been for Mike and the program he put me on, I would not have the strength and endurance that I have now. I would not have witnessed the TRUE power of kettlebells. The man knows what he's talking about and knows how to get you results. On his sight he says that if you want results to stop wasting time, so STOP WASTING TIME!!!! Not only will you get results physically, if you pay attention and READ, you will Learn a tremendous amount. Thanks MIKE!!"
- Cortez Hull, St. Paul, MN

"Lost 10 lbs and went down from a size 12 to a size 8 in jeans – that was something I expected not to happen for another 10-15 more lbs! So thanks for your guidelines – they really have helped a lot."
— Michele Milevoi

"I really appreciate all of your advice and input, as I know that's how I got to where I am. I know that three months ago, I wouldn't even have conceived of the possibility of being able to DL 175!"
- Christine Oh, NYC

"For women out there who have tried everything. I have always been fit. But I have always been bulky fit. On the HOC program that Mike designed for me I have become leaner than ever. In six months I have gone from a bodyfat percentage of 23% all the way down to 14.5%. I am 36 years old and I have never felt better."
- Staci From Punch Gym in R.I.

"Mike, this is THE BEST program I’ve ever worked with. I saw results with my body after only 2 days of training Leonie and my parents noticed it too). My whole body started to define and tone up. This is also the first program where I really feel every muscle in my body working and weak links are spotted immediately. I love this program and I’m looking to next week."
- Joey van Tienen

"I am a firefighter who got out of shape from lack of sleep and exercise. Your plan made me loose 25 lbs in 3 1/2 months, lower my resting heart rate from 85 to 55 bpm and made me a lot stronger with tremendous stamina. I passed a physical agility test at work that 20 year old kids were failing and I had 2 minutes left. I could have done that test twice in a row because of you. thank you!"
- John. McMahan

"About 12 weeks ago I purchased Mike's supplement recommendation program and have followed it strictly for the past 12 weeks. My goal was to continue to improve my PL #'s and also take off about 5-8 lbs. because the 181 class was getting more and more difficult to make (and it is getting close to summer) - I love PL, but I plan on being the best 181 lifter I can be - I don't love it enough to weigh 220 or 242 in 5 years (LOL).

Results after 12 weeks:
Lost 6 1/2 lbs.
Squat went up 21 lbs.
Deadlift went up over 12 lbs.
Bench Press went up 10 lbs. in the gym before I hurt my shoulder.

Yes, you can get stronger AND lose fat with proper eating and supplementation for a period of time; however, don't expect that trend to continue - I met my goal and am really happy with the results. I recommend Mike's program highly - it has helped me evolve my own supplementation tremendously. Thanks again Mike for all the help!"
- Thomas Phillips,

"The program has worked extremely well. Since I started, 6 months ago, my endurance has increased tremendously. My strength and explosiveness also. Before starting I could do a pull up with 40 kg hanging from my waist. Last week I tried with 48kg and managed to do two reps. Six months ago I could press the 32 kg bell for one time and now I can do six reps. The training has increased my striking power and did not hinder my martial arts training. Taking into consideration that I do not train under optimal conditions, due to the fact that I have a family and career, these results are beyond any of my expectations. Congratulations Mike, you’re the man!"
- Antonis Kaniaros

"These workouts are awesome! I haven’t felt this great in 10 years! My energy level is better, and my clothes are all too big for me, and I can’t wait to see the results of doing this for another 7 months."
- Kathleen Clark, WA

2008 is over! Was it a good training year for you? If not why not? Did you make the progress that you set out to? If yes, congratulations. However, if you are not making any progress or not as much progress as you deserve you need my help. Otherwise, expect 2009 to be another lame training year to add to your list of disappointments. The main reasons why people fail to achieve their fitness goals are lack of focus and lack of accountability. Personalization is the future of training success. Generic programs only work for a few people. The masses need a program that is personalized to their needs and goals. However, none of this matters without accountability.

If you are only accountable to yourself it is easy to miss a workout, watch TV instead, or have few drinks with your friends. If you do not have a focus or clear goals in mind, then forget about making any progress. How are you supposed to get to where you want to go if you don’t even know where you want to go? Do you have the time and dedication to test drive a variety of programs until you find something that works for you? Do you know how you should personalize a program for yourself based on your unique situation? If you do then you have already achieved the fitness goals and should not even be reading this page. Find something else to do. If not, you need my help If you do not know how to personalize a program for you unique situation, then you need some help from me. Life is too short to waste on training frustration and lack of progress. Your health and time are more important than that.

Here is How the Program Works

Pick a plan below and when I receive notification of payment I will email you a profile questionnaire to acquire all of the information that I need to get started on your program. I will send you an email if I need more information. It will take me about five to seven days to design your program and email it to you. Why so long? Because I actually put a lot of time into your program and do not take your money and time lightly.

You want the best, then expect to pay for it and have patience. Once you start the program you are required to email me your training journal every Friday for my review. However, if you do not email me, do not expect any reminders from me. I am not a baby sitter and expect adults to act their age. I am not here to motivate you or make you feel good about yourself. I could care less about that. I am here to get you results. That is what you are paying for and that is what I deliver.

Regarding the journal, no need to get fancy, just use MS word and record each workout and any comments that need my attention. This keeps you and me accountable. You have access to me via email during the entire duration of the program to make sure that you stay on track and I always get back to my clients in a timely manner. If you do not hear from me, then you have a problem with your email account. That is a certainty.

Seven Reasons Why My Personalized Programs Work

  1. The programs are made based on your specific goals, stress levels, personality type, what equipment you have access to, and how much time you have to train. Everything from your daily stress, to quality of sleep, age, and nutrition is taken into account. I also recommend that my clients get blood work done so I know their testosterone (free and total) levels, Insulin, Glucose, IGF-1, DHEA, Cortisol, levels etc. While this is not a requirement, the info is very useful and the people that take the time to get the blood work done benefit tremendously. Generic programs do not take all of the above into account.
  2. You are accountable to yourself and me. I require all of my online clients to keep a training journal. Your training journal is emailed to me every Friday for me to review and make sure that you are on the right track. If things are not working, we will find out why and get you back on track. You are not alone. Just getting into the habit of keeping a journal is worth the price of the service alone. Again, if you do not email me your journal do not expect me to remind you or respect you. I have better things to do.
  3. When someone else is monitoring what you are doing there is a natural human drive to improve. Who wants to send a training journal to someone else and show no progress week after week? Who wants to have to tell someone that you did not feel like working out and look like a wuss? I will make you feel like one if you mess up ;-) Again, I am here to get you results not tell you how great you are. That is what your significant other is for. I am here to get you results. How you feel is irrelevant to me.
  4. When you spend good money for a service you will take it seriously. When something is given to you for free you do not value it. It is that simple.
  5. You can ask as many questions as necessary and keep the answers from me on file as a reference tool. This is a very valuable part of the service that you can benefit from indefinitely.
  6. The workouts are fun and challenging. Lets face it, when training gets boring then it becomes all too easy to miss a workout. You need to look forward to training and the only way that will happen is if the workouts are fun and challenging. I know what programs work and nothing is more fun than making progress. You will agree after you have had a chance to work with me. Just ready my client testimonials. More importantly the workouts work and that is what you are paying for.
  7. Regardless of your goals the programs are always balanced. Many people design their own programs around what they enjoy doing. This is a mistake and always leads to imbalances. This is why many men are top heavy and why many women spend too much time on the lower body and not enough on the upper body. This is one of the reasons why it is hard to design a solid program for yourself. A balanced program it critical for avoiding injuries, weak links, and imbalances.
  8. The programs are based on what equipment you have access to. If you want a program that focuses on kettlebell training, no problem. Want to workout at the gym, no problem. Want to combine the gym with kettlebell training workouts at home, I can make it happen and organize your program to ensure progress.

10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For A Personalized Program

  1. You have been training for years and are nowhere close to your goals.
  2. You have tried to figure out what works for you on your own and it is not working.
  3. You are tired of having no energy and feeling like crap everyday.
  4. You have been overweight for years and if you knew what you were doing you would have lost the weight a long time ago. Hell you would not be overweight in the first place if you knew what you were doing.
  5. You have a lot of self respect and do not want to leave your goals to chance.
  6. Your time is very valuable and you do not want to waste it on unproductive training programs.
  7. You need accountability and someone in your corner to keep you on track.
  8. You are self motivated and have energy, you just do not know where to start.
  9. You are not getting any younger and if you do not take charge of your health now when will you?
  10. You realize that training needs to be personalized. However, you do not have the time to figure it out on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any age restrictions?

A: Yes you must be at least 21 years of age to be considered for my online program design service

Q: Do I need to have kettlebells to sign up for your program?

A: No, many of my online clients do not do kettlebell training and I can design a program based on what you have access to.

Q: Do I have to be a member of a gym to sign up for your program?

A: Not necessarily. It really depends on your training goals and what you have access to at home. For example, if you want to get bigger and stronger then you will need more than 15lb dumbbells and a stability ball.

Q: Is nutrition and supplement information included in the service?

A: I have options for both. See price options at the bottom of this page. I will also recommend blood work so we can see where your hormones are at and use that vital info to personalize your program to the fullest.

Q: Is a three month program simply one program with three months of consulting?

A: No, the program is modified every month to keep things fresh and to keep progress coming. Modifications may also be made every week or two depending on what is going on. However, if you do not send me your training journal regularly as expected do not expect any modifications. I need to see how things are working for you to make changes.

Q: Can I call you up to talk about the program?

A: I prefer that we communicate by email. It is much more efficient for both of us.

Q: What if I am not familiar with an exercise that you recommend?

A: I will send you photos, descriptions, and video clips of the exercise. Also, if the exercise is not a fit, we will have you do something else.

Q: I am a whiner and I am lazy. I like to blame other people for my lack of progress. Am I a fit for your service?

A: Not in your dreams. I only work with proactive people that want to make positive changes. I recommend that you take some therapy and pay someone to listen to your luxury problems.

Q: I hate training and need someone to motivate me, can you call me up every day to get me going?

A: Thanks for your interest but you are not a fit for my service or training philosophy. I recommend that you get Richard Simmons' "Sweating To The Oldies." I expect adults to act like adults and take responsibility for their lives and well being.

Q: Are your programs appropriate for women?

A: Of course they are and I have plenty of female clients that kick ass on my programs.

Q: Why are your rates so high?

A: I have spent thousands of dollars and many years acquiring all of the training information that I have. I am constantly doing research and staying on top of what works. High quality service does not come cheap and I have never attempted to be the "walmart" of strength training. What is the cost of being unhealthy and down about life? There are plenty of other trainers that are cheaper than I am so if that is what you want feel free to go with them.

Q: What happens if I get injured and cannot continue with the program?

A: No problem as the program can but put on pause anytime for up to six months. You just need to let me know and we can pick up where the program left off when you are ready to resume training.

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A: If your follow my recommendations to the letter and email me your journal every Friday without fail and do not receive any results, I will offer you a refund. Again, be honest with yourself and do not blame me for lack of progress when you are not following my recommendations. If you have been overweight for ten years do not expect to undue all of the damage you have done to yourself in one month. Have a long run approach instead of expecting instant gratification. The refund request must be made within 30 days of starting the program.

Here Is What People Are Saying About My Program Design Services:

"I'm very pleased with the progress I've made towards my goal of attaining optimum health. In the past three months, I've dropped 16 pounds and approximately 5% body fat, and I am stronger than I've ever been in my life. I'd like to send you a big THANKS for providing me with an exercise regimen and basic nutritional guideline that actually works! Being required to send a weekly log has motivated me to be 100% consistent with exercise, and it has ingrained a lifestyle change that is a permanent factor in my life. For those who are considering the one month trial, I recommend you skip it and order a 3 or 6 month program depending on your goals. I've ordered the 6 month program and am ready to take my health and fitness to the next level. I also recommend Mike's excellent DVD: Mahler's Aggressive Strength - Kettlebell Solution for Size and Strength."
- Clint Clark, Lake Forest Park, WA

"It's 2 months since I started and I have put on over 7kg (15lbs). Not too shabby hey? This is awesome.. I never thought these sort of results were possible for me. Can you believe my stupid doctor told me that because my dad was skinny, it wouldn't be possible for me to gain muscle? What an idiot! I'm nearly done with my 16kg KB's and once I am, I might "one-arm swing" one through his front window. ;-) Anyway, thanks for such a great program, I'm totally enjoying it and it works!!! It's like you've designed the magic formula or something."
- Beren

"Been training with kettlebells for over a year now and have been watching your videos pretty religiously. Haven't done any contact sports of any kind up until recently, but they have helped me tremendously with my rowing. I started playing pickup basketball a couple weeks ago, it's the first time I've played in about 6 years. I just had to write and say people bounce off me and I don't even feel it. I drove the lane last night and stuck my shoulder in this guys chest and he doubled over, I didn't realize how hard I hit him. I can back anyone down in the post with ease. If I get my hands on a rebound, it's mine and I'll rip it away from anyone....and I firmly believe this is because of the kettlebells. Of course I still can't jump and my basketball skills are pretty horrid, but that'll come along ;)Thanks!"
- Andrew Markowitz

"If you are looking for deceptive strength, a lean physique, and more functional strength instead of poser muscles then Mike is the man for you. Mike provided me with the perfect program that blended fat burning along with strength building so I never felt weak. I felt more compact, faster, more efficient, and freakishly strong considering my bodyfat was dropping.

While on the program I went from a tight pair of 34 waist pants to easily fitting into 32 waist pants. I went home to a class reunion and the feedback was great. Everyone I knew kept commenting on how great I looked or the fact that I hadn’t changed a bit. Actually, I had changed a lot but they just didn't see me three months earlier. I transformed from a soft 220 to a tight 205. It was nice to go to the reunion and not be the one who put on an extra 15, 30, or 40+ pounds.

My grappling partner outweighs me by 25 to 30lbs and he could not believe the ease with which I was able to control and move him often times being in a disadvantaged position.

I guess the best compliment is to say I will definitely be purchasing Mike’s program again. Thanks Mike!!"
- Dax Morrow

"Five weeks in and I've gained maybe a little over 5 pounds! Bench Press has gone up more than 25lbs! Deadlifts up 50 pounds! Can't quite say on squats because I started out using the Smith Machine now I'm doing them free. All the other lifts are up significant amounts also! I'm more excited to go lift now than I have ever probably been! Every time I go in there I'm making gains, the weights are always increasing in at least a couple things!
- Conrad Stalheim

"I just wanted to pass along my recommendation for Mike Mahler’s Personalized Training Programs. To me, the two most important things about his service are the accountability and the feedback. There have been many times in my busy schedule where I have felt like blowing off a workout, but the fact that I’d have to report that usually provides the added incentive I need to get it done. Also, it’s nice to get some feedback when you run into some difficulties.

The bottom line on any service is results. Here are the results I’ve achieved so far:
Trimmed almost 3 inches off my midsection
Went from 21% body-fat to less than 15%
Started out using 35lb KB’s. I couldn’t even do one military press with the 53 lb KB. Now my workouts are done using the 70lb KB’s.
Improved my scores on two successive physical readiness tests. Cut almost two minutes off my mile and a half time. Maxed out on push-ups and sit-ups.
I’ve seen a pronounced change in my physique. I can’t recommend Mike’s service highly enough."
- Jeff Brokab

"How do you get in the best shape of your life with a customized program and expert advice every step of the way? Contact Mike Mahler! I have been working with Mike for 6 months now and have enjoyed all the hard work and excellent results. My program is fine tuned for my fitness level and designed to reach my personal goals without any guesswork. Mike is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of fitness and nutrition. He also knows what type of equipment yields results and which supplements actually work. Along with a customized program I receive a weekly newsletter, via e-mail, that is both inspiring and informative. There is also a wealth of information on his website. Mike is an excellent trainer and I highly recommend his services to anyone who wants to finally get on the right road to health and fitness. He will make you train and live life aggressively!"
- Billy Penn

"I decided to invest in Mike’s services and test them to my “Real Life” schedule and responsibilities. As a new dad with a two year old and an infant, entrepreneur involved with four business startups, a good American supporting my share of the economic debt/stress and with some lingering injuries from my younger days of ego induced bravado – I was a prime candidate to give Mike a run for his money. Mike took many of these variables into designing my program towards meeting my strength goals. He clearly recognized that I’m not a professional and adapted the training and volume to meet my stress, schedule and energy reserves. I had three months of my normal life crashing into my daily schedule preventing me from following Mike's program to the letter, but regardless the results where inescapable. My already lean body is more chiseled; my balance and form are rock solid. All my lifts from deads to every KB variation have seen dramatic increase in weight/bell size and….. I feel great! He even was patient enough to answer my amateur questions along the way and make me a smarter athlete. Thank you Mike Mahler for you service and for being in my corner through the ups and downs. I can’t wait for the next 3 months!"
- David Williams

"I just finished a 12 week program that Mike designed for me. Mike's program design is outstanding! The accountability factor checking in every Friday really helped me stay on course. I am a trainer and design programs all day and usually the last thing I want to do is design my own. I can tell you write now that 2 pairs of eyes are better than one and especially when they are Mike Mahler's! For the most part I had 3 months to test-drive a program that most of you are getting with Mike's new DVD...Kettlebells: The Solution for Size and Strength."
- Brad Nelson, RKC

"Mike, this is THE BEST program I’ve ever worked with. I saw results with my body after only 2 days of training (Leonie and my parents noticed it too). My whole body started to define and tone up. This is also the first program where I really feel every muscle in my body working and weak links are spotted immediately. I love this program and I’m looking to next week."
- Joey van Tienen

"For anyone that's hit a training plateau, I would definitely recommend Mike's personalized program. In three months with his workout regimen, I increased my pressing strength more than I had in the previous two years with kettlebells. The program was simple yet brutal, always a great combination. I have since begun another three-month program to take it up yet another notch."
- Al Shaw, R.I.

"Hello Mike. I posted a thank you on the DD site and I just wanted to send one directly to you. Following your HOC protocol helped me immensely in becoming a member of my Police Departments SWAT team. I really appreciate your contributions to the DD community"
- Wipeout 149 on DD forum

"I am a 70 year old retired truck driver and heavy equipment operator and since retiring have returned to the gym after many years absence. While checking out the different body building workouts looking for something new I found your article on volume training. I just wanted to thank you, because I just started my eighth week and this Monday I did 10sets x 5reps x 80lbs, along with the rows.10x5x160 When I started out on this workout I was doing drop sets starting with 85lbs and only seven reps. I can actually feel a greater increase of strength and stamina now, I'm not piling on slabs of muscle, but have increased about 5 to 6 lbs of lean mass this year. The neatest thing about this is the boost to an old mans ego and the compliments from some younger guys that are half of my age and can't lift as much. Ha Ha"
- Karl Qualls

"I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your program. I was in the military, and PT consisted of a heavy dose of running. I really like the fact that you substantially increased my running ability with a relatively minimal amount of running---I never would have thought this possible without running 4-5 days a week."
- Colin McGarty

"I just had to write and tell you that the program is kicking ass for me. I tried to get a two arm press with the 72's two weeks ago and could barely get one rep. Today I got 12 sets of triples and probably could have gotten four or five for the first few, which I'll try next week."
- Mike Brown

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks. Using your HOC principals with kettlebells has helped me to shed 31 pounds and my strength and energy are through the roof. The great thing about the HOC workouts is they only get boring if I let them. I can change the exercises, or order, to keep them fresh."
- Shane B. Mankato, MN

"I just wanted to let you know that I have been doing your HOC work out for three weeks. I have dropped several pounds and yesterday hit my goal weight of 150."
- Jerry Nelson, VA

"Much of my workout strategy, especially with KBs, is thanks to your work. I do believe that some people are meant to be teachers, to bring out the best in others as well as themselves. You strike me as such a person. You provide a great example of how one should live."
- Eric S. Bruesch, Dallas, TX

"I may have already said this on numerous occasions but, I want to say again now that I am 5 weeks into HOC how great this really is. Over the last 5 weeks I have lost a total of 14lbs and 4%BF, from my figures. I started this program at 242lbs and 20%BF and am currently at 228lbs and 15-15.5%BF. Thanks Mike Mahler!"
- Ken (Meani on the dragondoor forum)

"I put up a few dollars about a month ago and had Mike Mahler put together a customized workout for me. I feel so much stronger and faster than I did just last month. To get a feel for my increase in endurance and speed, I entered a 5k race. Here are the results: -41st out of 211 runners -Total time of 23:18 -6th in my division - 7:31 min/mile pace Not elite results by any means, but last month I felt like I would die after running only 1.5 miles at a 8:30 pace. I felt awesome after this 5k. What really surprised me was that the only running in my workouts over the last month has been HOC for no more than 2 miles total distance. Thanks Mike."
- Eric Carter, VA

Are you serious about achieving your training goals? Or so you want to waste more time not making any progress? If you are ready to make some progress for once then choose from one of the options below and lets get started today! Once I receive payment, I will email you a profile questionnaire to acquire all of the information that I need to design your personalized training regimen or nutrition program.

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Aggressive Strength Program Options

Atttention I am not taking any new clients at ths time. 

One Month Option

Testing The Waters One Month Training Only Program: $595.00

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Three Month Option

I am Committed Three Month Training Program: $1385.00 (save $400.00) 

The positive actions that you fail to take today will hurt you in the future. Every year that you stay unhealthy is another year wasted. The longer you are fat and unhealthy the longer it will take to get healthy and vibrant. People spend more money on their cars than their health which is a crying shame. You have one life and one body, get it right now and do not waste another day.

Mike Mahler

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