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Aggressive Strength Presents: Dinosaur Training And Beyond In London, England

Begins: Saturday, June 9, 2012 at 06:00 PM EDT

Ends: Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 06:00 PM EDT



Kettlebell training, dumbbell training, Olympic lifting, bodyweight exercises and natural hormone optimization all in one weekend course


Don't even think about missing this one! Register today and save big time! Details below


dino3.JPG dino4.JPG

June 9 and 10 at 

OLF Training Centre
174 – 176 Hither Green Lane
SE13 6QB

9am to 5pm each day 



This is going to be a fantastic course and I can't wait to return to London in June and work with such an exceptional team of fitness experts. You're going to have a blast at this one of a kind seminar. Don't even think about missing this course as I can promise you it will be on your regret list if you do. There has never been a course like this anywhere and who knows if there will ever be a course like this again. 

This weekend course (June 9-10) is going to be stacked with information on how to build serious strength and conditioning with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and bodyweight exercises. In addition, I will be delivering a detailed presentation on the importance of natural hormone optimization. This is information you want to know as the benefits go far beyond just improving physical performance.

Lets get into more detail on who will be presenting at this course and what each presenter will be covering. Go ahead and whip out your credit card now as you will be ready to register shortly. There is limited space for this course and it will sell out rapidly. Don't delay in registering and miss out.




I’ve been a big fan of Brooks Kubik’s work ever since I read his classic book, DINOSAUR TRAINING: LOST SECRETS OF STRENGTH AND DEVELOPMENT way back in 1996. 

When my friend Sabina Skala approached me about helping put on a big one of a kind fitness event in London, I knew right away that I wanted Brooks Kubik at the event! Over the years, I have been very impressed at his seemingly endless output of books, courses and DVD’s covering all aspects of strength, training muscle building and Iron Game history. 

Consider what Brooks has done over the past 20 years: 


Author for Hardgainer magazine

Author for Milo magazine

Author for Muscle & Fitness magazine

Author for Ironman magazine

Author for the Italian language edition of Ironman magazine

Author for The Iron Master magazine

Author of Big Arms

Author of Big Bench

Author for High Intensity Training Newsletter

Author of Dinosaur training: Lost Secrets of Strength and Development

Editor and publisher of The Dinosaur Files newsletter (for which he has written literally hundreds of articles)

Creator of the Dinosaur Training website and Dinosaur Training Blog

Regular guest on Superhuman Radio – where one of his interviews (no. 605) may be the most popular and highly rated of all SHR shows

Author of Strength, Muscle and Power

Author of Gray Hair and Black Iron: Secrets of Serious Strength Training for Older Lifters

Author of Chalk and Sweat: Dinosaur Training Workouts for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced Trainees

Author of Dinosaur Bodyweight Training

Author of Black Iron: The John Davis Story

Author of The Legacy of Iron series (5 books so far)  -- a series of dramatic, action-packed books covering weight training, weightlifting and bodybuilding in the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s

Author of Dinosaur Arm Training

Author of History’s Strongest Men and How they Trained: Vol. 1, Doug Hepburn

In addition to his extensive writing, Brooks has produced 7 DVD’s covering Dinosaur Bodyweight Training and 6 DVD’s covering other aspects of Dinosaur style strength training and muscle building, from old-school dumbbell training to training with heavy, awkward objects to Olympic weightlifting to power rack training to strength training basics for cellar dwellers and garage gorillas.  

And if that’s enough work for any one person, consider this. In between his writing – and while he was holding down a highly demanding fulltime job, Brooks found time to enter and win not one -- not two -- not three -- but FIVE United States National Championships in the bench press – where he set American and World age group records in the Sub-master’s division in drug-tested, drug-free powerlifting organizations.

Today, at age 54, Brooks continues to train hard and heavy in his garage gym – and he continues to teach his special brand of real world, no-nonsense “back to basics” strength training.

But there’s one thing Brooks has never done. He’s never given a seminar in the UK! Until Now

And that’s why I was DELIGHTED when Brooks accepted my offer to join me for this truly unique event – and to help give you the seminar experience of a lifetime.

Brooks is going to cover three of his favorite topics – and I want to tell you right now that just one of these programs will be more than worth the price of admission.

So here’s what you’re going to learn – in the Dino-Man’s very own words:


When people think about dumbbell training, they usually think about isolation-style bodybuilding exercises with relatively light dumbbells. You know – triceps extensions, lateral raises and concentration curls. But that’s the MODERN version of dumbbell training.

The old-time strongmen – the men that Brooks covers in Dinosaur Training and his other books and courses – specialized in dumbbell training. But it was a far different type of dumbbell training than you see today.


Consider this:

  • Three-time Mr. Universe winner Reg Park – England’s greatest bodybuilder and the most massively developed and strongest bodybuilder in the entire world in the 1950-s – set a British record in the two-hands dumbbell clean and press. 
  • The Canadian Hercules, Doug Hepburn, a World weightlifting champion, World Record holder, Commonwealth Games weightlifting champion and record holder and one of the strongest and most massive men who ever lived, set records in the one and two dumbbell press that have never been equaled.
  • Tommy Kono – a two-time Olympic Gold medal winner, six-time World weightlifting champion, four time Mr. Universe and holder of 26 World records in four different weight classes – believed so strongly in the value of heavy dumbbell training that he had a machinist friend make a specially designed pair of dumbbell handles so he could handle his absolute maximum in heavy dumbbell training.

  • Legendary gym owner Sig Klein – one of the best developed men of his generation, and one of the strongest (he set a professional world record in the military press, handling more than 150% of his own bodyweight) – considered heavy dumbbell training to be one of the true secrets of the old-time strongmen.

  • The incomparable John Grimek, the legendary Monarch of Muscledom, did much of his training with heavy dumbbells – and was able to clean and press a pair of 140 pound dumbbells! Grimek also excelled at the one arm swing – and was so good at this lift that when the York Barbell Club held informal contests on the lift, they told Grimek he was “too good” to compete! 

  • The legendary strongmen who thrilled the world during the Golden Age of Strength – John Marx, Arthur Saxon, Eugene Sandow, Thomas Inch, Louis Cyr, and Louis Uni (Apollon) – all trained with heavy dumbbells.

So dumbbell training – OLD-SCHOOL DUMBBELL TRAINING – has a long and impressive history, dating all the way back to the very beginning of organized weightlifting. 

But dumbbells are more than merely old-school – and there are plenty of reasons to learn to use other than the fact that virtually every great champion of the Golden Age used them (although that in itself is a pretty good reason)

Here are just a few of the many benefits of heavy, Dino-style dumbbell training:

1. Perfect for home gym trainees

2. Builds explosive power

3. Develops tremendous functional strength 

4. Corrects muscle imbalances

5. Fast, fun, and exciting

6. Builds a gorilla grip

7. Easy to learn

8. Plate-loading dumbbells give you a complete, inexpensive, fully equipped gym

9. Older trainees can adapt dumbbell exercises to make them as joint-friendly as possible

10. Goes hand in hand with kettlebell training

11. Works perfectly with bodyweight training

12. Builds massive, powerful and super-strong arms and shoulders

13.  Gives you the rugged strength and back development of a competitive weightlifter

14. Can be used for low rep strength and power programs

15. Can be used for medium and high rep conditioning workouts

16. Allows you to measure your performance against the legendary champions of the Golden Age

17. Works perfectly in a small space

18. Gives maximum results in minimum time

19. Dumbbells are fully adjustable and allow you to add as little as half a pound at a time for regular and continuous progression

20. Dumbbell training develops balance, coordination  and muscle control

But as I said, we’re talking about Dino-style dumbbell training. So forget about the lateral raises, the triceps pumpers and the concentration curls with the little finger extended and rotated upward for “maximum muscle contraction”. 

Instead, we’re going to cover TOTAL BODY TRAINING WITH DUMBBELLS – using old-school exercises that will build more strength and explosive power than you ever imagined: 

1. The 1 arm dumbbell swing

2. The 2 arm dumbbell swing 

3. The 1 arm DB clean and press

4. The 1 arm DB clean and push press

5. The 1 arm DB clean and jerk

6. The 1 arm overhead squat with dumbbell 

7. The 2 arm overhead squat with dumbbell

8. The 1 arm dumbbell clean, OH squat and press, push press or jerk combination

9. The 1 arm dumbbell clean, press, push press or jerk, and OH squat combination

10. The 2 arm dumbbell clean

11. The 2 arm dumbbell clean and press

12. The 2 arm dumbbell clean and see-saw press 

13. The 2 arm dumbbell clean and push press

14. The 2 arm dumbbell clean and jerk

15. The 1 arm dead hang dumbbell clean

16. The one arm dead hang dumbbell clean and press, push press or jerk

17. The 2 arm dead hang dumbbell clean

18. The 2 arm dead hang dumbbell clean and press, push press or jerk

19. Thick handled dumbbell swings

20. Thick handled dumbbell cleans

I’ll also teach you a simplified system of dumbbell training that allows you to train fast, hard and effectively with minimal weight changes from start to finish – and I’ll teach you how to combine Dino-style dumbbell training with your choice of heavy barbell movements – kettlebell training – bodyweight training – or combination programs that feature all of these training methods. 

Put it all together, and you’ll have three hours of hard-hitting instruction that will open a whole new world of training for you!


I’ve always been a Heavy Iron guy, and for many years I was never very interested in bodyweight training. Of course, I did plenty of bodyweight training in gym class (yes, they had gym class when I was in school) and even more of it as a high school wrestling champion – but that was always “just part of wrestling practice.”  When practice was over, I’d go lift weights to make sure I kept up with my strength training! 

But 7 or 8 years ago, I began experimenting with bodyweight training and bodyweight only workouts, and I developed some exciting NEW DIRECTIONS IN BODYWEIGHT EXERCISE – and suddenly, some very interesting things happened.

I started growing bigger and more muscular than ever before – and this was in my late 40’s, after a lifetime of heavy lifting.  Before I knew it, I was growing out of shirts and suits that had fit for many years. My arms, chest, shoulders and back were BIGGER and THICKER at age 48 then they were when I was doing heavy powerlifting in my 20’s and 30’s.  

That shocked me.  

It shocked me so much that I put it together into a detailed training course. I called it DINOSAUR BODYWEIGHT TRAINING – and many readers have said that it’s the most comprehensive and complete course of bodyweight training ever written.

They also say that Dinosaur Bodyweight Training has given them tremendous results – whether they use bodyweight training exclusively or in combination with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or heavy awkward objects.

So for our second program, we’re going to cover some of my favorite exercises from DINOSAUR BODYWEIGHT TRAINING beginning with some relatively simple exercises and working up to some seriously difficult and supremely challenging movements.

Specifically, we’re going to cover my favorite Dino-style pushups (including handstand pushups) and my favorite Dino-style pull-ups – and after we go through them, we’re going to put them together into a hard-hitting, high impact workout that’s going to teach you how to build world class strength and muscle mass with Dino-style bodyweight training.

In this program, we’ll cover:

  • A complete progression of Dinosaur-style pushups
  • A complete progression of Dinosaur-style pull-ups
  • A special program that takes as little as 20 minutes to train your entire upper body
  • A Dino-style approach to sets and reps for bodyweight training
  • How to apply weight training principles to bodyweight training
  • How to use super-sets for bodyweight training – and why they work
  • A special technique to maximize the muscle-building effect of Dinosaur-style pull-ups
  • Handstand push-up progressions
  • How to combine Dinosaur bodyweight training with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and heavy, awkward objects

And remember, this program is hands-on. Bring a towel, bring your water bottle, and be ready to sweat!

Here is what people are saying about Brooks

Our team average squat went up over 100 pounds per man. I reached a PR 800-pound squat in competition (drug-free), at 242-lbs. Just wanted to say thank you.--Dave Campbell  

I'm your No. 1 fan in the coal regions of Pennsylvania. At 59 years of age, I feel great, even after being exhausted by my lifting sessions. Don't let anyone fool you. Age doesn't mean anything. You have to keep at it--George Kalishevich

Thank you for writing the book that revolutionized my training to points of no return. I read Dinosaur Training in one sitting and haven't been the same since. Since then I have taken in some punishing and wonderful training sessions. My strength is climbing every week. Barbells, barrels, stones, and car pushing make life good.--Gino Giles 

First of all I want to say that your book Dinosaur Training was a breath of fresh air to me. I love your attitude about lifting and about life. After reading your book I began Dinosaur training along with the 6 week 20 rep squat program.

My body weight went from 323lbs. to 342lbs. and I never felt better or been stronger. I added almost 40lbs. to every max in only 6 weeks. I finished squatting 455 x20! I never imagined I could do that. I played arena football for the Louisville Fire last year and I wish I knew about you then.

Thank you again for everything you have done to the world of real men and true weight training.

--Jake "Ragnar" Johnson

Just recently I have read your book Dinosaur Training. It was inspirational and extremely well written. It has inspired me to train at a higher intensity level, but rationally. Being a United States Marine, I am no stranger to "intense, harsh training ... I just have two questions, where are all my training partners? And, can you point me to the power rack?--Chris Pennington


No question the course fee would be worth paying for just Brooks' information alone! However, it gets even better as here is what I will be presenting at the course





You are going to love this course! The last time I taught this course everyone stuck around after the course to ask questions which is a clear sign that they enjoyed the course thoroughly. In addition to learning a great deal, everyone enjoyed meeting each other which is one of the additional benefits of attending my courses: you meet some great people and develop new friendships.You will have a blast learning new exercises such as ballistic work done outside of the feet. This gives an entirely new feel to standard exercises such as Double Swings, Double Cleans, Double Clean and Presses, and Doubles Snatches.

You will have a really good time with these new variations. In addition, you will enjoy all of the new core exercises, complex drills, and stacked kettlebell work!In addition to the extensive training, I will be delivering a comprehensive lecture on hormone optimization. Hormone optimization is a rapidly growing field that people are starting to become very interested in. Whenever I talk about hormone optimization to anyone they immediately show a lot of interest and cannot stop asking questions. I have been professing the benefits of natural hormone optimization since 2004 and the lecture at the course will be my most detailed and comprehensive material to date. You will learn how to tweak your nutrition plan to optimize the three main players in hormone optimization. In addition you will learn what supplements work to increase testosterone, lower estrogen, and help with stress management. The hormone optimization lecture alone is worth the price of attendance.


Why you should attend?

  • You are tired of the basic kettlebell moves and want to learn some new exercises to keep training interesting
  • You are tired of cliché kettlebell courses which simply rehash the same material! You want something fresh and exciting
  • You want to learn more about hormone optimization.
  • You want to meet some great people and train in a fun environment
  • You have heard about outside the feet ballistic moves and want to learn how to do them properly
  • You want to learn how to do stacked kettlebell exercises such as stacked presses, stacked rows, and stacked swings
  • You want to learn some kettlebell complexes to ramp up conditioning
  • You are looking for a course that covers joint mobility, stretching, advanced kettlebell training, and hormone optimization!
  • You are a trainer and want to add a variety of new moves to your arsenal to keep training fun for your clients.



Here is what you will learn

  • A joint mobility routine that you can do every morning to enhance mobility and quality of life. It takes less than fifteen minutes
  • A full body stretching routine. Includes stretches with jumpstretch bands to stretch out the hamstrings, quads, and inner thighs
  • Which joint mobility exercises to perform before training to avoid common injuries.
  • A quick ten minute joint mobility routine to loosen up the spine, hips, hip flexors, shoulders, knees, and ankles.
  • A common mistake that many people make in the morning and how joint mobility work can correct it
  • The benefits of deep breathing early in the day to set up for a high energy productive day
  • A great joint mobility drill for tight hip flexors which is also a great abdominal drill.
  • An outstanding mobility drill which is also great for building lung capacity
  • Why you should do joint mobility on non training days.
  • Why one of the best kettlebell upper body pulling exercises is also one of the best core exercises when executed properly
  • How to set up properly to apply maximum explosive power to overhead pressing. Forget slow and controlled. If you want to handle the heaviest bells with the least wear and tear, apply the techniques that you learn at the course.
  • Why too much tension is a waste and how to apply just enough tension to get the job done.
  • Where to look and what to think when doing heavy kettlebell military presses
  • The advantages of doing double swings and double snatches with the bells on the outside of your feet
  • Having trouble with double swings, double snatches, and double cleans? The outside the feet variations may be just the ticket
  • How to lock the bells in place when doing heavy double kettlebell swings for optimal performance
  • Why you should keep your neck in a neutral plane with the body when doing swings, clean, and snatches
  • The ideal exercise to combine with double kettlebell swings for an incredible fat burning workout.
  • When to tighten up on double swings and when to stay loose
  • Common mistakes that people make with outside the feet ballistic drills and how to avoid them.
  • Where you want the bell to be in your hand for maximum pressing performance. Hint: Don't hold a kettlebell like a dumbbell
  • Why you should pull your shoulders down before each overhead press
  • The importance of pacing and getting into a consistent tempo
  • Why you should slide your hands all the way through on double cleans to set up for a strong press
  • A great compound exercise for building up the arms and increasing torso strength
  • A variety of legs exercises that do not wear out the upper body.
  • An exercise that you will feel in your quads right away
  • How to take the suitcase squat to the next level
  • The Kneeling Squat for ramping up one legged strength and demolishing imbalances
  • The importance of balancing pressing exercises with pulling exercises for ideal posture
  • Why you want to go from start to finish as fast as possible when pressing.
  • When to do slow negatives and when to avoid negatives. It all depends on your goals
  • Blast through pressing plateaus with the rotation press
  • Tired of the same old pressing moves? You will love lockout presses! Great for the core as well
  • Get more out of the Renegade Row by applying a static hold to each repetition.
  • Why you should add static training to kettlebell training
  • How to get the most out of crunches for a strong and solid midsection.
  • The best kettlebell midsection exercises to place in a conditioning circuit
  • An alternative to the standard Turkish get-up for people with shoulder issues.
  • The benefits of stacked kettlebell training
  • How to use the one-arm stacked press to blast through pressing plateaus
  • why stacked pressing forces you to learn the optimal pressing groove
  • Stacked rowing for building up the lats, back, and grip
  • One-arm stacked swings for increasing grip endurance
  • Take the kettlebell farmer's walk to the next level with double stacked farmer's walks
  • A variety of kettlebell complexes for developing coordination and conditioning.
  • Why you must do rows and other pulling movements for healthy shoulders and strong pressing.
  • Low position walking lunges: one of the best kettlebell quad exercises you have never done!

Bonus Hormone Lecture Information

The hormone optimization lecture was truly a life altering experience. It could easily stand on it's own as it's own seminar, but Mike included it in our training. I cannot say enough about the positive health implications of understanding and implementing the information he presented into one's lifestyle. I am extremely thankful he made a DVD as even with 5 pages of notes, I know I did not absorb everything he presented. With the DVD, I am quite positive I can maximize the total value of the day I spent with Mike."--David M. Cohn, PhD, RKC

Mike also claims that the hormone optimization lecture alone is worth the price of the course, and he's right! His knowledge of the body and how to make it work better is phenomenal. I can't wait to put it all into practice and build myself a whole new body. Thanks Mike!--Alysia Gadson, Orange County CA

Here is what will be covered in detail at the hormone optimization lecture:


  • The #1 thing you can do for optimal hormone production that does not cost a thing
  • The two best supplements to take for increasing free levels of testosterone.
  • The two main sources of stress and why addressing both is critical for comprehensive hormone optimization
  • The difference between real energy and stimulant energy and how to acquire real energy
  • The end result of too much stress and how to avoid it
  • Why stress management skills are critical for hormone optimization and what you can do today
  • Why focusing on increasing testosterone only is a mistake
  • Why you must address the three main leaders for total hormone optimization
  • The connection between Leptin resistance and being overweight
  • The connection between adrenaline resistance and stomach fat
  • How the right adrenaline response helps with reducing stomach fat.
  • Why optimal GI tract health is a critical component of hormone optimization.
  • Three inexpensive supplements that you can take to improve digestion and GI tract health dramatically
  • The importance of eating organic food and why it is even more critical if you eat meat.
  • Why you must focus on real food and take longer stretches in between each meal
  • Why you should have long stretches in between each meal
  • How to increase the hormone grehlin which is a powerful stimulator of growth hormone
  • What to do to get into a relaxed state before bedtime to ensure a night of deep sleep
  • Why real hormone optimization is essentially lifestyle optimization
  • The connection between doing the career you love and creating an optimal hormone environment
  • Which supplement works for androgen receptor uptake and for increasing insulin sensitivity
  • Why hormones need to be optimal for long term fat loss and muscle gain. Forget about counting calories and doing cardio all day long. It is your hormonal environment that determines how you look.
  • Why DHT is important for men and what supplements to take to optimize it
  • The importance of melatonin and why everyone should be using it
  • What to do if melatonin gives you nightmares and wakes you up
  • A form of ginseng that works well to balance the adrenal negatives of caffeine
  • What happens to your hormonal pathway when you have adrenal fatigue
  • What to do to address adrenal fatigue
  • Learn about an amino acid in green tea that helps with deep relaxation
  • The importance of eradicating stress instead of trying to manage it
  • The benefits of coconut oil and why you should add it to your regimen
  • Why it is important to address food sensitivities for optimal GI tract health and hormone optimization.
  • What you can do to turn good meals into super meals
  • A mineral that works well to address sugar cravings
  • The three best supplements for addressing estrogen dominance
  • The best supplements for increasing insulin sensitivity and improving physique composition goals (in other words fat loss and muscle gain)
  • The most important vitamins and minerals for sex hormone optimization

Here are all of the exercises that are covered at the course

Double kettlebell drill with the bells outside of the feet:

Double KB Swing

Double KB Clean

Alternating KB Clean

Alternating Hang KB Clean

Double KB Clean and Military Press

Alternating Hang Clean and Military Press

Double KB Snatch

Double Kettlebell Work

Relaxed Double KB Military Press

Alternating Kettlebell Lockout Press

Alternating Renegade Row Hold

Walking KB Lunges (suitcase and racked)

Low Position Lunges (suitcase and racked)

Kneeling Kettlebell One-legged Squat

Core Work

Handstand Leg Raises

Dragon Flags

Glute-ham raise

Seated Russian KB Twist

No Hands Turkish Get-up

Renegade Row

Stacked Kettlebell Drills (two bells in one hand)

One-arm Stacked clean

One-arm stacked military press

One-arm stacked bent-over row

One-arm stacked Swing

Double Stacked Kettlebell Drills (two bells in each hand)

Double Stacked Clean

Double Stacked Military Press

Double Stacked Bent-over Row

Double Stacked Squat

Double Stacked Farmer's Walk

Complex Exercises for extreme conditioning and full body synergy.

Full Body Attack (3 variations)

Ground and pound press

Double KB Clean and Squat press

Here is what will be covered in detail at the hormone optimization lecture:

  • Why stress management skills are critical for hormone optimization and what you can do today
  • Why hormone optimization starts in your brain: the 4 brain chemicals that you must optimize for brain and body health
  • The importance of eating organic food and why it is even more critical if you eat meat.
  • Why Insulin, Leptin, and Adrenaline are the three most important hormones to optimize regardless of what your goals are
  • Why you should have long stretches in between each meal
  • Why real hormone optimization is essentially lifestyle optimization
  • Why focusing on one hormone is a big mistake
  • What adrenaline exercise is and why it must be balanced with restoration exercise
  • The connection between doing the career you love and creating an optimal hormone environment
  • What supplement works for androgen receptor uptake and for increasing insulin sensitivity
  • Why hormones need to be optimal for long term fat loss and muscle gain. Forget about counting calories and doing cardio all day long. It is your hormonal environment that determines how you look.
  • The two best supplements to take for increasing free levels of testosterone
  • Why DHT is important for men and what supplements to take to optimize it
  • The importance of melatonin and why everyone should be using it
  • The three best supplements for destroying estrogen dominance
  • The best supplements for increasing insulin sensitivity and improving physique composition goals (in other words fat loss and muscle gain)
  • The most important vitamins and minerals for sex hormone optimization

What People Are Saying About Me


"Good morning Mike! Just wanted to share some pics from the Fort Hood KB Club via Baghdad. The team is doing well and staying safe, although we did lose a close friend on the recent helicopter crash. I truly enjoyed your "Aggressive Strength Solution for Incredible Kettlebell Training". I am planning on ordering your latest Ebook "Aggressive Strength Solution for Size and Strength". Would I have your permission to share this with the team members here in Iraq? I believe I have stated this before in previous emails, but just wanted to say thanks again for the great web site and free articles. Your contribution to the fitness community is duly noted."
- David COL Jon "David" Mullins

Frank Shamrock

"Mike Mahler is an expert in the challenging field of sports conditioning. His unique and innovative teaching tactics guarantee high retention of these one-of-a-kind workouts. His extensive knowledge feeds a powerful passion to explore the human body with safety and strength. If you get a chance to train with him; do so or regret it."
- Frank Shamrock, Five Time UFC Middleweight Champion

"I often get this question asked at seminars. Who do you respect in the industry? Mike Mahler is certainly of the most decent beings and leaders in the fitness industry. Mike loves to help, and he does it from the bottom of his heart, that is what makes him a great leader. Zero ego, all heart. Great job Mike."--Charles Poliquin author of Modern Trends In Strength Training And The Poliquin Principles


"My Name is Harley Flanagan I am a Purple belt under Renzo Gracie some of you may know me from my bands the Cro-mags, Harley's War and others. I have always been into working out and over the years I have suffered from various shoulder injuries. After just one of Mikes seminars I felt improvement in my shoulder. A lot of my injuries from grappling and life in general got aggravated by using standard weights. However, when using kettle bells I felt improvement in my strength and in those weak areas. These damn kettlebells get you strong as hell, but I would never suggest playing around with them without proper instruction. That's why you should get in touch with Mike Mahler and check out his Dvds and his seminars! You will be glad you did whether you are a martial artist or just into strength training these things are the bomb! This stuff will REALLY get you in top shape for MMA or anything else life throws your way!"
- Harley Flanagan, Cro-mags / Harley's War and


"Since I have been using Mike's techniques I have gotten into absolutely amazing shape. I'm proud to say it! I cannot recommend his expertise enough. In the past few months, everyone I know has asked me how I got so fit and I direct them all to kettlebells and Mike Mahler. Mike realizes that everyone has different training goals and what they need to do to achieve them. He knows what works and what doesn't and will get you where you want to go. Thanks Mike, you seriously kick ass!"
- Chris Pontius of MTV's Wildboyz and Jackass

Special Guest Presenter Sabina Skala 


Next up is my friend and top UK trainer Sabina Skala. I had the great pleasure of working with Sabina at my courses in Scotland last year. I was very impressed with her strength and conditioning as well as her knowledge on effective program design. When she approached me last year about organizing a big course in London for 2012, I did not hesitate to jump on board. You're going to love working with Sabina. Sabina is also a big fan of the hit show Spartacus and this is a big bonus in my book! (then again she also likes the show House but try not to hold that against her) 

Here is some more info about Sabina

Sabina Skala hails from Poland and is a certified and experienced Strength and Conditioning coach, founder of CJSFitness London, plus the successful Fighters Development Program. She has authorized several workshops that explore the potential of strength training for athletic development, including the UK acclaimed “Training Day”. Her constant commitment and thirst for knowledge means that her stable of clients includes professional MMA athletes and to.

A former competitive athlete Sabina Skala’s driving force is to slam home that each is truly responsible for the performance potential and you are capable of limitless possibilities, when you put your mind to it with the correct knowledge. Dozens of people have benefited from training with Sabina Skala, who is also a published author and has featured in internationally celebrated magazines such as Men’s Fitness 

Here is what people are saying about Sabina

I’ve trained with Sabina for almost 2 ½ years and trust her 100%.  The sessions are always challenging and enjoyable without ever becoming repetitive and the results have been very good.  She has improved my strength, muscle endurance and aerobic endurance an amazing amount since we started working together as well as help to cure some back pain which I had had for a number of years previously.  She is extremely professional in her presentation and demeanor and her knowledge still impresses me even today

--Will Sherling (former Premiership Footballer)

I have been a member of 8 different London gyms over the past twenty years, but have never come across the quality and type of training that Sabina teaches. I can honestly say that I am now far fitter and stronger than I have ever been in my life, and Sabina has changed my whole perception and practice of gym training. Even the knee problem I had from an injury a few years ago has been resolved. What makes Sabina exceptional, I think, is her own inspirational dedication and drive for her own fitness, a dedication which means that her clients always get the most effective and up-to-date techniques for fitness training, but always in a safe and manageable way due to her extensive understanding of body mechanics. Overall, I would rate Sabina the best trainer I have come across in London." 

– Andrew Paterson, Director, The Really Healthy Company Ltd

As a competitive sportman from various back grounds Im always keen on learning new techniques and lifts that are specific to my sports, Sabinas input and instruction was clear, concise and relevant. An excellent coach with the skills to make her clients excellent athletes!!

--Rob Creighton S&C Coach, Ironman Triathlete

Here Is What You Will Learn From Sabina

  • The history of Olympic lifts – how and why oly lifts technique has changed and evolved over the years to improve athletic performance.
  • What is athletic development and how oly lifts can help to create a resilient and powerful athlet
  • How to apply Olympic lifts in a periodized programs 
  • When  not to use the oly lifts in an athletic training
  • What are the benefits of snatch, clean & jerk
  • Correct technique and progressions for clean, jerk and snatch
  • How to overcome the limitations such as flexibility, mobility, injuries, body awareness and many more
  • How to spot and correct detrimental, common mistakes such as “donkey kick”, “rounded back”, “press out” etc)
  • Learn complete and simple oly lifts progressions, which will instantly improve your abilities as a coach and athlete.
  • Dynamic warm ups that prepare for explosive lifts, improve mobility and flexibility

Special Guest Presenter Cj Swaby


Cj is another fantastic UK trainer that I was very impressed with at my Scotland course last year. In addition to being impressively strong, CJ is a compassionate guy that hungers to bring out the best in his clients. You can tell that he loves training and more importantly loves helping others even more.  In addition, according to his business partner Sabina Skala, CJ is well known for his winning smile and love for all things Shaka Zulu!  

Lets get more into CJ's background and what he will be covering at the course 

Cj Swaby has been a pioneer of Kettlebell Training in the UK since 2003 and is the Founder of CJS Kettlebells, and CJS Fitness. Cj has coached throughout Britain and internationally as well. His kettlebell expertise has seen him coach on kettlebell courses with the acclaimed, IKFF (International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation), and the now legendary London Kettlebells.
For over eight years, Cj has authored numerous successful  Kettlebell Courses and Bootcamps, plus delivered in house Kettlebell courses to personal training companies,  and sports physiotherapy practices alike.
A visionary entrepreneurial coach, Cj lends his support to cancer charities such as the ACLT through fund raising, and providing health and fitness related services. A firm believer in giving back to the community,  he is also a volunteer boxing coach for the renowned Earlsfield Amateur Boxing Club in London.  Cj is committed to making his expertise as widely available as possible. To this end he is a regular guest at the largest fitness expo in the UK, Body Power, contributes to various publications including Men's Fitness, has been featured in Kettlebell DVD’s and  vows to continually deliver cutting edge, and exciting courses and workshops to the fitness industry.
Above all, Cj practices what he preaches and is a real life "hands on" practical coach, driven by his desire for physical improvement and self empowerment, not just for himself, but for all that come into contact with him.

Here is what CJ will be covering

The Kettlebell Odd Lifts workshop is the final piece of the puzzle in completing your knowledge base and gaining a definitive kettlebell training tool box. With it, you can now fully unlock the potential of your Kettlebell Training, and will have the skills, plus a staggering menu of kettlebell exercises. That's for certain.The Odd lifts Kettlebell workshop is for functional training and hardcore strength. Master your movement, and learn the elite kettlebell lifts of strongmen and strong women of old. These extreme kettlebell lifts are fun and challenging, and a fantastic addition to any great kettlebell workout. These odd kettlebell lifts can help to rectify imbalances, create dynamic flexibility combined with freakish strength through weird and wonderful ranges. 

Why You Should Attend?

  • You want to master the odd lifts to transform your training
  • You value learning from qualified Kettlebell Coaches with years of experience
  • Gain a deep reservoir of Corrective drills  & Coaching Points for enhanced performance.
  • Kettlebell Coach: Student Ratio of 1:7 to ensure quality learning.
  • Train with highly motivated and encouraging individuals like you.
  • FREE  Video Clip Downloads of each exercise

What You Will Learn In Great Detail 

  • How to Develop  Multi-Planar Strength with Odd Lifts
  • Develop outstanding technique, and  discover how to replicate with clients
  • The essential 7  Odd Lift Kettlebell exercises
  • How to structure Kettlebell workouts (“results based” exercise programming)
  • The  5 different  representational systems and how to utilize them to achieve results.
  • How to integrate Stacked Presses

Which  Kettlebell Exercises Will You Develop?

  • The Kettlebell Pistol
  • The Sots Press
  • The Two Hands Anyhow
  • The Double Kettlebell Turkish Get Up
  • The Bent Press
  • Stacked Kettlebell Presses
  • Stacked Kettlebell Turkish Get Up


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am an absolute beginner, is this workshop a fit for me?

A: This course is more for people that have a basic foundation and want to take it to the next level.

Q: I do not have my own kettlebells or dumbbells?

A: Nope, we will have everything on hand

Q: I am not a beginner, but not an expert either. Should I attend?

A: Yes! There is always more to learn and when you have a chance to work with four physical training experts you want to pounce on it and learn as much as you can.

Q: What will I take away from the workshop?

A: Confidence in performing complex kettlebell exercises, power dumbbell exercises, Olympic weight lifting, advanced bodyweight training, and knowledge of how to optimize hormones naturally. 

Q: Is this seminar appropriate for women?

A: You bet it is!

Q: What is the conditioning that I need to survive your workshop?

A: Our workshops are hands on and you will be working hard. That said, we have done tons of seminars and know how to pace them in a way that will not leave you wiped out. The purpose of the workshop is to provide proper instruction not place you through a two-day boot camp.

Q: What is the address of the seminar?


OLF Training Centre
174 – 176 Hither Green Lane
SE13 6QB

Q: How Do I Register?

A: Keep reading.

Registration Information (two spots left) 

Courses like this rarely come to the UK or anywhere for that matter so don't take this opporunity lightly. This is going to be an incredibly informative and fun weekend and you deserve to be at our course. Give youself this gift and sign up right now before it is too late.

Registration Fee: £756 ($1200.00 US) (Only two spots left!) 

Cancellation Policy:

If you provide notice that you will not be able to attend the workshop at least 30 days in advance of the workshop you will have the option of a full refund or a transfer to a same value workshop of your choice. If after 30 days, the full refund option will be void. However you will still get the transfer option as long as you provide notice at least two days before the workshop. If notice is not provided within two days of the workshop, there will be a £25.00 transfer fee. I also reserve the right to cancel the course 30 days in advance.

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